Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Music Direction Program to Launch at Goodspeed

Goodspeed Musicals’ Max Showalter Center for Education in the Musical Theater announces the Music Direction Intensive a brand new program from the Goodspeed Musical Theatre Institute which creates a bridge between emerging artists and seasoned professional artists.

This highly selective program will take place on the Goodspeed Musicals campus Jan. 18-23 and it will provide a limited number of individuals with practical training in all aspects of music direction. The six-day intensive will offer participants the opportunity to work with internationally renowned experts in music direction while networking with industry professionals.

Participants will use the latest technology to receive hands-on training in the management and implementation of the audition, rehearsal, and orchestration process. Participants will also attend nightly lectures given by industry experts on pertinent subjects relating to real world success in the field.

Goodspeed pioneered the practice of rethinking, restoring, and revitalizing America’s musical theatre heritage. This new program will be the first intensive music direction training program in the country. As students, young artists are not taught how to be a music director, most people gain experiential knowledge and skills as an assistant. This course of study is aimed at giving future music directors the tools they need to become leaders in the industry.

The one-of-a-kind intensive curriculum features lectures and practicum including innovative programs like

  • “So You Want to be a Music Director?”, where participants will have an opportunity to join in a discussion on the principles of music direction and to share their personal stories and goals
  • The Audition Process, including a discussion of the elements that create a positive and successful audition process for the creative team and for those auditioning
  • The Rehearsal Process, during which students learn how to create a productive rehearsal environment
  • Working with the Director, a look at the relationship between the MD and the director, creating incidental music to suit the needs of the director, and adjusting the vocal and orchestral score to accommodate the vision of the director
  • The Rehearsal, when participants will sit in on a rehearsal for a new musical in production.

Additional programs include Orchestrating for the Musical Theatre, Use of Electronic Sound in Musical Theatre, Conducting for the Musical Theatre, Working with the Choreographer, Vocal Arranging, and The Business of the Business, an informative discussion of the business elements involved in a career as a musical director, ownership of intellectual property and the typical responsibilities assigned to various job titles.

“This new program will help Goodspeed strengthen our commitment to developing new artists,” said Michael P. Price, executive director of Goodspeed Musicals. “It’s exciting for us to see the Goodspeed education program grow and foster new relationships with the best and brightest new music directors as they work together to create the future of musical theatre,” he added.

While at Goodspeed, the MDI participants will work with several industry leaders including Michael O’Flaherty, the only resident music director for musical theatre in the country; Line Producer Donna Cooper Hilton; Orchestrator Dan DeLange; and award-winning Director Rob Ruggiero.

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